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Wir danken unseren wertvollen Partnern für ihre Unterstützung in Form von finanziellen Beiträgen, Medikamenten, Lebensmitteln und Ausrüstung.
Besuche deren Webseiten über unsere unten stehende, verlinkte Beschreibung, um sich über ihre Leistungen zu informieren!

More and more businesses understand that the relationship between wildlife and man has to be in the balance.  Being a partner of Save Dogs Save Lives can assist cooperation to meet this aim. We believe that collaborations are critical to fulfilling our purpose. Our organization relies on partnerships. The time has come to work together and join forces. Save Dogs Save Lives offers companies but also other providers a hand in hand partnership, which not only save lives but also can enhance cooperation's social responsibility agenda. Take the chance, join our team and profit from a non-profit oriented partnership.


If you would like to support our organization, we would be more than happy to hear from you.


Show you are also a social enterprise: contact us now

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