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Our Strays Farm in Bosnia-Herzegovina, lead by Renata Josic, is intended to provide dogs a short stay and to cuddle them up.


The Strays Farm is by no means designed for longer stays, because of human beings’ closeness, affection and connection are enormously important for the tortured animals. Renata does what she can, taking care of their physical well-being.


Nevertheless, what the dogs often urgently need is a new family or at least a foster home. Often places at a foster home by our partner in Germany and Switzerland are available.

However, Most of the Time th placements fails because of the missing travel financing. This is also the case witH Nero!



Although Nero (photograph right) would have a place at a German forester home, there are no funds to give him the chance to meet his future family. 


If you want to help Nero on his way to Germany and therefore to a better home, please contribute with a financial donation.

Click on the DONATE Button to verify how much support is missing to turn Nero´s life inside out.



Renata Josic, holds over 50 strays on a farm in Bosnia. Unfortunately, this farm is far away from what an ideal shelter has to offer. The accommodation has no gravelly soil, which is a big issue during winter and fall. The dogs are permanently covered in mud and it takes hours to clean them. Renata has an immense amount of workload on her shoulders.

Recently, Renata managed to purchase a land on another farm, with the financial support of Save Dogs Save Lives and other contributors. The idea behind it is to avoid the high monthly rent costs, in order to invest all donations into the well-being of the dogs.


Unfortunately, at this point of time Renata is still charged with the monthly rent, due to the fact that the new Strays Farm is not yet ready to give shelter the dogs.

We aim to contribute to the developement of the new Strays Farm, so that it will serve as a good and safe host home for the taken in dogs.


As a first step the area for the hounds needs to be fenced in, thereby they are all protected and the small ones can be seperated from the big ones. Addidtionally, a partly roofing will be required to shield the animals from the burning sun or snow. In a second step the place needs to be covered with gravel to avoid difficulties with the mud. Other improvements are going to follow as soon as we reach our primar goal.

We can only reach our objective with your support. Become a part in the creation of the new Strays Farm by contributing with your personally choosed amount of donation.




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