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  • Are only companies allowed to get into partnership with Save Dogs Save Lives?
    Not at all. We are happy for every valuable partnership. If, for example, you are a vet or a dog trainer, please contact us. We would be grateful to take that chance to also build on such partnerships.
  • Why going into partnership with Save Dogs Save Lives?
    Designing your wildlife rescue program is hard work and only has little impact. Being partner with us saves time and your administrative effort. Furthermore, it is difficult for a company, which focus on it's day to day business, to set-up a trustful network that fulfills the real aim. Save Dogs Lives takes all these tasks over – the only thing that you need to do is to contribute.
  • My companies would like to contribute – but what is in for us?
    We rely on partnerships, and therefore we want to show our contributor who you are. For that reason, we have created our own wall of donators, where you will find your firms logo and your contribution. However, this is not the only thing which is for you. There are many other things, which we can imagine. If you are interested, take the chance and contact us.
  • How can my company contribute?
    Similar to individuals, companies can more than only contribute in financial means. Many things would not possible without sponsored medication, material, food and transportation.
  • What do I do when the adopted dog and myself are not on the same wavelength?
    As soon as you notice that you or the saved dog does not feel well with the new situation, please reach either out to us or the responsible shelter, immediately. All environmental stimuli are a new thing to the dogs that must carefully be introduced to them. Also having now a pet, for which you are the responsibilities, might be new to you. The shelter we are working with, are all well trained and it is their utmost concern to provide individual support to each of our fosterlings. Moreover, Save Dogs Save Lives has trainers and specialists on call, which can give you lots of resources. We want that our fosterlings are happy in their new homes but also that you can take up all the new responsibilities.
  • How much does an adoption costs?
    It is often believed that a dog adoption should be free or at least super cheap. However, as it is usually in life - you get what you pay. Often animal shelters charge you a fee, which reflects the costs that occurred for the saving of a dog. Usually, these expenses include the whole veterinary care, required vaccinations, parasite treatments and preventatives, the necessary food and microchip. It needs to be considered that animal shelters often do not receive any Federal or State funding. The fees charged are intended to cover the costs occurred and not for profit-maximizing reasons. For us as dog foundation that focuses mainly on the placement, it is hard to estimate any possible costs. Nevertheless, we work closely with the shelters and can assure that they will provide you with all necessary information regarding the expected costs.
  • How much of my funds are allocated to the rescue of the dogs?
    Save Dogs Save Lives is an entirely non-profit organization. All contributors work completely voluntary and do not receive any earnings. Therefore there are no compensation costs or similar. All funds are used for saving a dog's life and giving it a second chance.
  • For what is Save Dogs Save Lives using your funds?
    Your generosity contributes covering the costs for the shelters, food, medicine, veterinary care, transport and our current projects. Your donations are not used to cover administrative costs.
  • Is my voluntary work paid?
    No, since all funds are aimed to the rescue of our fosterlings there are no compensation payments. However, as we care for our dogs, we also want to make sure that the Team feels well. Therefore, accommodation and meals are paid during your stay. Furthermore, you will receive a job reference, which proofs your voluntary contribution.
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