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A team ready to accept challenges in order to save lives

We are a small team of engaged dog lovers, who do not only watch, but also act. Our love for dogs and the desire to protect those ones who had bad luck is what us holds together. 

Tarik Kotry

Communication & Fund Raising

"Treat animals like you would want to be treated."

Ines Petrovic

Strategy & Global Co-Operation

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

Muriel Kueng

Legal & Coordination


"You cannot change the world, but you can change the whole world for a dog"



Save Dogs Save Lives is a small Swiss based non-profit animal foundation, which aims to give neglected street dogs in Bosnia-Herzegovina a second chance.

"..who have only one goal - to save lives."

Together with our partners on spot and in Switzerland and Germany, we support people, who share the same body of thoughts, by either provide assistance with the placement procedure or by incorporating them with our projects. Whether large or small challenges: We see us as the patron saint of the strays in Bosnia-Herzegovina, who have only one goal – to save lives.

"We imagine the impossible!"

Our purpose is to give forgotten dogs a second chance. A small team, ready to accept challenges, to save lives. We imagine the impossible. We center our attention on valuable partnerships. We believe that only together we can make a difference and help giving something back. 

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