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Keep your dog safe on NYE

Imagine having a usual day like any other and spending the evening by yourself at home because your family decided to go out for some reason.

Suddenly, you jerk heavily due to an ear splitting unrecognizable noise out of nowhere. The loud din is recurrent and makes your pulse race. In panic, you run to the window to allocate where the sound is coming from, but all you can see is a scattered sky. The bombs are continuously enlightening the sky and appear to come closer and closer. You have no clue what to do and are left alone to the apocalypse.

It is crucial to pay attention to the fact that canines are scared of fireworks, because their fear is not completely unjustified. Dogs can be severely harmed by flammable attractions during or even after such events.

Below you will find a simple guidance on how to behave on the next firework including holiday to keep your dog safe.

Before the event:

There is more than one way to prevent your pet from unnecessary stress prior to the start of such an event.

  • To take out your dog for a longer stroll than usual is necessary because of two reasons. The prime concern is that your pet has the chance to make his business outside and that it does not have to be taken out during the fireworks. Secondly an exhausting walk will fatigue your dog and will facilitate falling asleep.

  • If your pet has already made some really bad experiences with fireworks and you can consider getting Zylkène, Telizen or any other stress-relieving medication at the vet.

During the event:

If you wish to spend the night outside enjoying a spectacular firework show, you should under no circumstances take your dog with you. A leash or a fenced garden will not hinder a dog to run for its life, if it fears death. According to Eugene Daily News Online 30% of all dogs are reported missed after the American Independence Day on the 5th July.

Dogs have a extraordinary sense of hearing, hence the explosions are much louder for them than for us. Additionally, irritation due to the smoke of firecrackers can also affect your dog's health. Some dogs are also curious and try to inspect the unknown objects or even chase them. In this case the animal’s fur is as vulnerable as our human skin and the flammable objects could injure them severely.

  • Therefore, we warmly recommend you to stay at home with your pet if you have the possibility

  • You might pull down the shutters and turn on the TV to distract from the firework display

  • Ensure that your little companion has a place to hide, such as under the bed or table.

After the event:

You should not be imprudent, even at the point when the party is over.

Especially, the day after the bank holiday there are people who amuse themselves by firing remnant crackers.

  • Keep your dogs on a tight leash and be prepared to hold it tight unexpectedly.

  • Besides that, the leash will help you to have control over what your dog is sniffing. Often garbage will be over the place, this is how you can avoid a poisoning.

Make sure to follow the listed tips to protect your dog from danger on the next next firework including holiday, so your little companion can enjoy the day with you.

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