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Oh, holy Christmas!

Especially at Christmas time, of course, you would like to fulfill as many wishes as possible for your loved ones. On the wish lists of many children, a pet for cuddling and romping around is right at the top. Here the resistance of the parents often melts. The enthusiasm for a pet is of course pre-programmed. No wonder that Golden Retriever puppies with large red ribbons are popular motives for Christmas cards. However, holding a four-legged friend means not only cuddling but even more, responsibility, which is why the animal shelters are hopelessly overcrowded again shortly after the happy feast.

Here three reasons, why Christmas is not the perfect time to save dogs

No return possible

You cannot just keep giving them away. Aunt Renata's embarrassing reindeer sweater, useless frills, and even a tasteless tie – you can give them all back, away or leave them in the attic and wipe them out of your memory. However, dogs are sentimental beings that cannot be given away if they do not suit to a person. A dog stays a lifetime – not just over Christmas. Of course, the puppy would look so cute when they hatch out of the red Christmas stocking on the Christmas morning. However, taking an animal into the family is an important decision. The animal must be looked after throughout its entire life.

The sweet present can also be your next debt

Former stray dogs are not like all other gifts. They require much time, patience and, above all, money – all things that are particularly scarce during the Christmas season. Once the puppy has gnawed at the priceless heirloom, peed on the Christmas tree and barked all night long, the gifted dog adoption is probably no longer a great gift. Moreover, certainly, not anymore, once veterinary bills for vaccinations and flea treatment have accumulated – and here we are talking about an entirely healthy dog. A dog goes into much money. It is assumed that a dog costs between 20K – 40K euros over its lifetime.

Christmas is the worst timing

Christmas is a stressful time. With all the catering, cooking and visiting the in-laws, the days around Christmas and New Year can be extremely chaotic. The new roommate needs time and rest to get used to its new home. Extensive visits to bars and restaurants or relatives are also not recommendable – unless you want to leave a whimpering creature alone for hours, which then does its business on the living room carpet and nibbles on shoes as well as sofa cushions.

Oh, man, what am I supposed to give my sweethearts now?

If one of your loved ones is willing to take care of an animal for a lifetime and has enough, time, money, patience and love to offer, then think about a a Godparenthood, acting as a host or a voucher from the local animal rescue center or shelter. There are many possibilities to contribute. In this way, the presentee can decide, which dog suits him or her best and whether the time is right. You do not only give away unconditional love and a faithful companion – but also the gift of life to a homeless dog.

In this sense, Save Dogs Save Lives wishes you a wonderful Christmas time and a happy new year!

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